As the Child Studies Association, we have conducted various workshop activities in different areas to contribute to the education and development of children. These workshops include activities such as the Robotics and Coding Workshop, Chess Workshop, and Recycling Workshop.

In the Robotics and Coding Workshop, we taught children the concept of algorithms and encouraged them to design their own games, thus supporting the development of their problem-solving skills.

The Chess Workshop contributed to children's development of skills such as planning, foresight, perspective-taking, visual memory, and concentration, enhancing their strategic thinking abilities.

In the Recycling Workshop, we aimed to raise awareness about environmental consciousness and the importance of preserving the natural environment among children. All of these workshops have helped children express themselves, learn, and develop their creative potentials. As an association, we aim to continue contributing to the multifaceted development of children.

Our philosophy, science, and experiment workshops organized for children allow them to stimulate their curiosity, engage in creative thinking, and question the world around them. These workshops make learning about science, philosophy, and experiments a fun and interactive experience for children.

We are a children's association. We do childish things.